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CoinMarketCap Earn Oasis Answers

Here the Answers for CoinMarketCap Earn Quiz on ROSE token of Oasis Network – Learn & Earn Airdrop!

1) What is the Oasis Protocol?

A scalable Layer 1 blockchain that can expand DeFi beyond early adopters into mass market adoption

2) Why is Oasis ideal for DeFi?

All of the above

3) What is the ROSE token capped at?

10 billion

4) What is the ROSE token used for?

Staking and securing the safety of the Network

5) What is YuzuSwap?

The first DEX built by community developers on Oasis

6) Who are some of the backers of the $200 million Oasis Ecosystem Fund?

All of the above

7) What do Oasis’ privacy preserving features facilitate?

Confidential computation and defense against MEV to bring DeFi to the mainstream market

8) What is Emerald?

An EVM compatible ParaTime