CoinmarketCap Earn PERP Answer

Here the Answers for Coinmarketcap, earn free crypto!! Airdrop Perpetual Protocol Token

1) On Perpetual Protocol, users can provide liquidity with up to _x leverage?


2) Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of Perpetual Protocol?

It offers real-time customer service

3) In order to trade on the protocol, which asset(s) do you need in your cryptocurrency wallet?


4) Which scaling solution is Perpetual Protocol built on?


5) What is a perpetual contract?

A financial product that enables you to speculate on any asset’s price movement

6) To provide liquidity on the protocol, the only way to do it is to manually select which market to provide liquidity to and in which price range. True or False?


7) Perpetual Protocol allows cross-margin mode at launch. What does that mean?

You can use open multiple positions using your account balance as the collateral

8) Can anyone open new markets on Perpetual Protocol and get a cut of the transaction fees in the future?