CoinMarketCap Earn SPX Answers

Here the Answers for CoinMarketCap Earn Quiz on SPX, Learn about Solar & Earn $SPX!

Follow this link: Learn About Solar (SXP) & Take a Short Quiz to Earn $SXP! | Alexandria ( , take the quiz and earn free coin!

1 Solar’s governance is set up as:

A Fully Decentralised Autonomus Organisation (DAO)

2 What innovations will Solar support within its ecosystem?

All of the above

3 How are node operators chosen?

Based on votes by coin holders

4 What is the native coin of the Solar network?


5 What happens to transaction fees?

90% fees are burned. The remaining 10% is earned by node operators

6 How does Solar help to ensure a sustainable blockchain future?

Solar uses a highly energy-efficient consensus mechenism for its own blockchain & native coin

7 Solar’s platform is

Open Source on Github

8 What is a delegate?

All of the above